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"I have had the good fortune of working with Clothing Connect now for two and a half years. They have helped me find the exact yarns I needed and also guided me in finding the right production facilities to develop my luxury line. We still continue to work together and they really are good at tailor making the service exactly to your needs. I highly recommend them !"

Nimi Ponnudurai, Woolly Boolly, The Netherlands

“Brilliant showcase of product and a truly helpful event. Everyone was incredibly helpful and I will definitely be in touch. Many Thanks. Ps. Please make this an annual event.”

Aimee, Raw Threads, London

“Very interested in pima cotton vendors so we are impressed and will be in contact”.

Serena, Harrods, London

"Fantastic initiative – food for thought! I look forward to finding a way to work with your partners in the coming seasons."

Claire Hamer, Asos, London

"Very good set up, beautifully organised. Nice venue - event very relaxed."

Kate Coleman, Survival Arts, London

“We got in contact with a Russian boutique own from Moscow city, and had talks on shipment of 100 units bed collection from our company per month.“

Mr. Shovali Davlatov, Dilorom – Tajikistan

“During the fair, I conducted negotiations with about 80 company managers, specialists, wholesalers from Moscow city, Astrakhan, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk for possible wholesale of our products in Moscow and other Russian regions markets…preliminary agreement was reached with a company of Moscow city, for supplying of 140 thousand pairs of men’s socks (20 tones container) in the amount of about USD 42, 000 by the end of the year”.

Mr. Abdullo Muhammadiev, Nafisa-Tajikistan

"An interesting initiative, bringing together a very focused group of suppliers. I have found the contact useful and informative. I think future events of this type would be a good idea."

Barry, Peruvian Connection, London

“Very very well organised and good size to have in-depth meetings. Also, there was a very pleasant atmosphere”.

Erwin Kok, Luenter Textil, Amsterdam

"The concept is fabulous, very personal, relaxing!"

Marie-Louise Verhoeven, Loff, Amsterdam

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